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G-Force Servo Installation

Please see pictures below for servo installation for G-Force.

Radio installation. This it what it looks like under the hood. Notice the small 2cell Li-Po pack powering the receiver. HS-55 are used for rudder and elevator. The receiver used is a Hitec Electron 6 without the cover, a small gyro is also used.

Aileron Servo installation, here the MX-30 servo fits perfect. It's the only servo narrow enough to fit inside the wing.

Tail installation. There you see the Kevlar thread push pull installation. This is a very light and precise installation technique. Also notice how the elevator is mounted to the CF tail rod. This wood "e;spacer"e; is reinforced with 3 small CF rods running inside the small wood block for added rigidity.

Another picture of the tail section.

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