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Glider Repair Lab 3 DVD

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Glider Repair Lab 3 DVD
In this video, expert Paul Naton takes us through some advanced techniques used to repair your glider.

- Built-Up Composite Wing Repair
- Bagged Carbon Slope Wing Repair
- Mouldy Spar Repair
- Spread-Tow Fin Repair
- Fiberlass Seam Repair
- Lost-Foam Nose Repair
Unless you are experienced in composite repair methods, we recommend you start with the basics taught in the Glider Repair Lab 1 and Glider Repair Lab 2 training videos.

This new 2 hour program features a of series tutorials covering common repairs problems on a variety of wings and fuselages constructed with various materials and methods. You'll learn a bunch of new and valuable techniques that will help you to repair your damaged glider airframe and get it flying with minimal cost and effort.

In this video, Paul Naton shows you how to repair a broken main spar on a beautiful Muller Egida F3J wing. After the wing repair, watch a repair on a state-of the-art fin set from an Xplorer 2.0 damaged in a launching accident. Next, learn how to fabricate new ribs, reattach the drag spar system, and fix the carbon d-box with on composite built-up wings.

Paul finishes the repairs to the Icon 2 F3J fuselage from the first video. He demonstrates how to fix the sheared off front nose area with a lost-foam technique.

To finish this intense training session, he teaches you some ways to fix a broken bagged foam-core carbon-skinned slope plane wing with custom made splints. Lots of planes still have foam core wings, and the repair techniques you'll learn can be applied to foam core wing with skins of balsa, glass, obeichi, or carbon. Just about any wing can be fixed using the simple yet effective techniques learned from this video.

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