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Handlaunch Tech Lab DVD


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Handlaunch Tech lab
The Handlaunch Tech Lab training DVD teaches you how to use and install the latest hardware and radio gear in the new generation of composite and all-molded Handlaunch/F3K r/c gliders.

- Setting Up Rudderless Planes
- Installing 2.4 Receivers
- Installing RDS Systems
- Lithium Power Set Up
- Spring Return Elevators
- Upgrading Older Planes
- Antennas In Carbon Fuselages
- 2.4 Range Checks
HandLaunch Tech Lab
This film first takes you through a complete build out of the Swedish-designed Sirius. You will see how to fit out it's all moulded kevlar Disser wing with a super tight top drive flaperon system using the latest digital servos. In addition, you will learn how to make a light weight spring return drive set up for the elevator, and how to install asymmetric rudder blades in a moulded fuselage.

Also included is a tutorial on how to use the new 2.4 ghz radio systems in all carbon fuselages, which can be tricky at first.

If your set up includes using Lithium batteries for power you will want to pay attention to some of the basics on what cells to use, how to regulate the voltage properly, and safe charging procedures.

If you fly a Stobel, Steigeisen, Salonet, Salpeter, Fireworks 5, Ultrega, Blaster 3, Taboo, Predator 2, or whatever third generation plane you have, this film is a must have.

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Handlaunch Tech lab

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