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Hinge Tape Clear & Blenderm

Price: From $4.00 to $5.00
Hinge Tape Clear & Blenderm
Hinge Tape Dimensions
Clear Hinge Tape 1/2" x 36' (12.5mm x 11m)
Clear Hinge Tape 3/4" x 36' (19mm x 11m)
Blenderm Hinge Tape 1/2" x 11' (12.5mm x 4.5m)

Clear Self Adhesive Industrial Grade 3M Hinge Tape. Blenderm Hinge Tape is excellent as hinge gap seal for its excellent flexibility (Semi Transparent).

Small: 20" - 60" (0.5m - 1.5m) sailplanes/parkflyers
Large: 60" - 118" (1.5m - 3m) sailplanes/power planes

1) Secure surface in down position using masking tape.
Clear Hinge Tape

2) Flip surface over, make sure gap is even on both sides.
Clear Hinge Tape

3) Apply hinge tape to inside of the surface, trim sides.
Clear Hinge Tape

4) Flip and secure the control surface in down position.
Clear Hinge Tape

5) Apply hinge tape to top of the wing and trim one side.
Clear Hinge Tape

6) Finish by trimming the other side.
Clear Hinge Tape


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