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Hitec PC/USB Servo Program Interface DPC-11

Part: HRCP4429-DNRS

Price: $20.00
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Hitec PC/USB Servo Program Interface DPC-11
The DPC-11 Programming interface gives the user of all Hitec programmable servos the unparalleled ability to adjust the parameters of their servos. Additionally users can test their servos, save parameters to a file, load parameters from a file or restore the factory settings from a file.

Programming Features:
- Factory Default Resets
- Fail Safe ON-OFF
- Dead Band Width Adjustments
- Center and End Points
- Direction of Rotation
- Resolution Setup (G2 Servos Only)
- Fail Safe Point Preset

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

The advantage is yours, when you choose to use Hitec digital programmable servos programmed with the DCP-11 Hitec digital servo programmer and "all brands" servo tester. DCP-11 will fine-tune all your Hitec digital servos for optimum performance, and is the perfect answer to "matching" sets of servos for those big planes.

Works with all Dxxx, HSB-9xxx, HS-7xxx and HS-5xxx servos. See instruction manual for details. Mini USB cable not supplied (Available at most electronic stores).

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