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How to charge Thunder Power Li-Polymer batteries.

1) Measure battery voltage before charging.

Voltage before charging Status
2SxP 6V or higher Good condition
3SxP 9V or higher Good condition
4SxP 12V or higher Good condition

2) Select number of cells or appropriate voltage.

2SxP = 2 cells or select 7.4V
3SxP = 3 cells or select 11.1V
4SxP = 4 cells or select 14.8V

3) Select charge current.
If not listed, limit charge current to 1C!!!

CapacityCharge current
730 mAh700-750 mAh
880 mAh700-900 mAh
1200 mAh1000-1300 mAh
1300 mAh1000-1300 mAh
1950 mAh1500-2000 mAh
2050 mAh1500-2000 mAh
2600 mAh2000-2600 mAh
6000 mAh2000-6000 mAh
7800 mAh2000-8000 mAh
8200 mAh2000-8000 mAh

4) Check your charger for safety.
a) After charging, check the battery with Voltmeter, the voltage should be:

Cell countFully charge voltage
2 cells pack8.32-8.45V
3 cells pack12.48-12.68V
4 cells pack16.64-16.90V

b) For Triton charger reset timer to 5 hours.
c) Do not use Orbit charger with 6.1 firmware (selecting wrong cell count can cause fire)
d) Let the battery cool down to ambient temperature before charging.

5) Charging batteries in series.
a) Battery packs must have the same level of discharge (within 0.1V for 3S4P and 4S4P)
b) Battery pack must be fully charged before use.

6) Storage.
a) Never store your battery inside of your car in extreme temperatures.
b) Do not expose battery pack to direct sunlight for extended period.
c) Do not discharge below 3V per cell.

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