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Jeti Duplex EX Rsat 900NG 900MHz Receiver w/Telemetry (DS-12, DS-14/16 G2)

Price: $85.00
In Stock: 13
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Made In Czech Republic
Receiver Duplex EX Rsat 900NG
Manufacturer Jeti Model
Special Features Wireless Programming
Modulation 900MHz w/Telemetry Data
Upgradeable Via USB or JetiBox
Satellite Rx Support Yes/2 (E1, E2)
Channels -
Range Full Range
Voltage 3.5-8.4V (2S Li-poly)
Dimensions 40mm x 22mm x 7mm
Weight 11g

Backup Rsat 900NG receiver compatible with Jeti Duplex (DS-12, DS-16 G2) transmitters equipped with a 900MHz (Next Generation) NG module. They are designed as a backup system and step in if the 2.4GHz signal degrades beyond an acceptable levels. The 900MHz NG receivers limits telemetry to Rx Voltage, A1/A2 Signal Strength and Q Signal Quality to increase signal range and to lessen the effects of external interference.

Duplex revolutionary, fully digital 900MHz, frequency hopping radio system is fully designed and manufactured by Jeti Model in the Czech Republic. We are excited to introduce two brand new lines of REX and REX Assist Jeti Duplex Receivers with built-in revolutionary features: Internal Data Telemetry Logging (Black Box), Integrated Multi (3) Input/Output Telemetry & EX Bus Expander, and New 32 Bit Microprocessors (No limits for Future Firmware Upgrades). All Jeti receiver features wirelessly programmable failsafe and integrated digital telemetry (Rx Voltage, Signal Quality).

With any of the Duplex 2.4GHz receiver you can simultaneously monitor all of your sensor data using the Duplex JetiBox Profi or any of the Jeti 2.4GHz Transmitters.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)
* Instruction Flow Chart (.pdf)
* Click Here for Firmware Updates

Port Configurations (Rx Firmware REX 1.00):
PPM/Servo: E1/E2 Satellite/PPM, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
EX Bus/Servo: E1/E2 Satellite/EX Bus, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming
UDI/Servo: E1/E2 Satellite/UDI, Ext Telemetry/USB Programming

Jeti Duplex EX Rsat 900NG 900MHz Receiver w/Telemetry (DS-12, DS-14/16 G2)


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