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Jeti Electronic Dual Power Switch with Power Backup and Magnetic Key DSM ESC (Power Redundancy)

Price: $75.00
In Stock: 3
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Made In Czech Republic
Jeti Electronic Switch Dual Redundant with Power Backup and Magnetic Key DSM ESC
Jeti Electronic Switch
Operating Voltage 5-8.4V Recommended
Max Voltage 13V
Max Power 260W
Max Amp 10A Continues/20A Peak
Weight 24g
Dimensions 38mm x 20mm x 7mm
Max #Servos 8-10 Analog, 6-8 Digital
Connector Universal JR/Hitec/Futaba
Applications Airplanes/Helicopters

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

The DSM ESC from Jeti is dual input redundant electronic switch designed to operate with included magnetic key. The advantage of an electronic switch is that it offers a virtual unlimited ON/OFF cycles, unlike mechanically operated switches.

The redundant DSM ESC switch automatically monitors and switches between two power supplies (Two Rx Batteries, Rx Battery & ESC or Two ESCs) keeping your system operational. In a case of using two ESCs the throttle signal from the receiver is supplied to both controllers simultaneously.

Final solution in redundancy and reliability from Jeti is here. The DSM ESC is designed for two independent 5-13V inputs (Battery & ESC or 2x ESCs) and supports up to 10A continuous current or 20A burst current for your connected devices. This unit is most suitable for today's high-voltage servos, which you might be operating directly from a two-cell LiFe battery or similar Li-Poly battery pack. Please note that DSM ESC does not include a regulator, output voltage is equal to input voltage.

Screws and mounting-lugs are included to mount the device in your model as well as the magnetic key and face-plate. Decals are also included to allow the informative cover of the unit to be replicated on the outside of your model.

The faceplate contains an integrated LED to indicate the ON/OFF status of the switch. Should the battery become disconnected, the unit remembers its ON/OFF state i.e. if the unit is switched on and the battery is disconnected, the unit will remain ON when the battery is reconnected.

Jeti Electronic Switch Dual Redundant with Power Backup and Magnetic Key DSM ESC

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