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Jeti Mezon Pro 70 LMR Brushless ESC w/Telemetry, Integration

List: $225.00
Price: $190.00
You Save: $35.00 (16 %)
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Part: JETI-JMP-070-LMR
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Made In Czech Republic
Jeti Mezon Pro 70 LMR Brushless ESC w/Telemetry, Integration
ESC Mezon Pro 70 LMR
Manufacturer Jeti
Applications EDFs/Airplanes/Sailplanes
Special Features System Integration, Telemetry
Cont/Max Amp 70/77A (30 seconds)
Cells Li-poly 2-12S cells
Voltage 5-51V
Programming Tx via Device Explorer, JetiBox
BEC Type/Max (A) Switching/15A
Max #Servos/V 7-10/5-8.4V Adjustable
Dimensions 83mm x 26mm x 18mm
Weight 85g

The brand new line of Jeti Mezon Pro LMR (Limited Motor Run) ESCs target mainly professionals and pilots looking for uncompromising precision and quality. The Mezon Pro ESCs combine new revolutionary design, system integration and telemetry with Jeti's state of the art manufacturing capabilities.

Jeti has built upon the success line of the original Mezon and Mezon Lite ESCs and created a completely new breed of electronic brushless speed controllers. The new Mezon Pro features all of the telemetry that you have come to expect from a Mezon controller with the added convenience of EX Bus full system integration. You are now able to program the speed controller from the Device Explorer using your Jeti transmitter. The Duplex EX telemetry system in the Mezon Pro lets you monitor, in real time the Amperage (Amp), Voltage (V), and Capacity (mAh) consumed from the battery, ESC even calculates Power (W) output of the system. You can also measure Temperature/BEC Temperature and motor RPM. Jeti has created a more robust hardware platform including increased cooling capability, smaller overall packaging, a stronger 15A BEC and selectable sensitivity to allow you to use any brushless motor that you choose. No matter which size you choose, the Mezon Pro series brushless speed controllers are right for your next project.

- Device Explorer/EX Bus system integration using DS/DC line of Jeti transmitters
- Real-time telemetry with full data logging and remote data reset
- Wirelessly adjustable BEC voltage output (5V - 8.4V)
- Wirelessly adjustable motor brake, timing, switching frequency and much more
- Wirelessly adjustable Min/Max limits, cut-off voltage & protection settings
- All Mezon Pro ESCs are firmware updatable

Through the Duplex 2.4GHz system and either a JetiBox Profi or Jeti Transmitter you can wirelessly monitor your data and alarm conditions in real time. Make sure that in the Devices folder of your SD card you have a configuration file "Mezon Pro.bin".

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Jeti Mezon Jeti Mezon Jeti Mezon
Jeti Mezon Jeti Mezon Jeti Mezon


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