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Jeti Telemetry & Spin/Mezon ESC JetiBox Monitor/Programmer


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Made In Czech Republic
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Jeti Care Services
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Jeti Telemetry & Spin ESC JetiBox Monitor/Programmer
Jeti Telemetry & Spin ESC JetiBox Monitor/Programmer
Jeti Telemetry & Spin ESC JetiBox Monitor/Programmer

Programming & Monitoring JetiBox allows you to custom program your Elite, Spin Pro & Mezon Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) and Jeti Telemetry Sensors. It provides a readout screen for the data that is stored in the ESCs after a flight and can be used for live telemetry data display during bench setup and testing.

When used by itself, the JetiBox is also a powerful testing tool, measuring receiver channel output pulse widths, servo transfer speed, either unloaded or in actual use in the aircraft. And a servo pulse generator (Servo Tester), allowing you to center your servos without receiver and transmitter, as well as cycling your servos from 10 to 990 cycles.

Data Logging (ESC Type Depended):
- Maximum and Minimum temperature of controller during operation and the time it occurred.
- Maximum and Minimum current at full throttle, the time this occurred and the voltage of the flight batteries.
- Recording of exceeded control parameters; easy way to determine the causes of power problems.
- Motor run time measured from the first revolution.
- Maximum Motor RPM is recorded and the time it occurred.
- Cut-off voltage and the time that this occurred.


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