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Jeti Voltage Regulator MAX BEC 2D Plus EX 5-6V/20A Telemetry w/Magnetic Switch

Price: $95.00
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Made In Czech Republic
Jeti Voltage Regulator MAX BEC 2D 5-6V/20A  w/Magnetic Switch
Manufacturer Jeti Model
Type Linear Regulator
Max Input Voltage 16V
Min Input Voltage 5.5V
Output Voltage 5, 5.4, 5.7, 6V Adjustable
Output Current 12A Continues/20A Peak
Dimensions 100mm x 29mm x 16mm
Weight 85g
Max #Servos 8-10 Analog, 6-8 Digital
Connector Multiplex
Applications Airplanes/Helicopters

The Jeti Max BEC 2D Plus EX is the latest linear voltage regulator from Jeti, produced to very high standards in Europe. The Max BEC 2D Plus features a magnetic switch, so there is no mechanical wear-and-tear from switching the unit on and off. The unit also has a large heat-sink to dissipate heat.

For the first time ever, your models receiver system can be turned ON/OFF with a simple flip of the switch, wirelessly from the Jeti DC/DS transmitters. The R3/RSW receiver fully replaces Jeti Magnetic Switch which is widely used with Jeti Voltage Regulators as well as their Electronic Switches. Simply cut or unplug the existing switch (Install a Male JR type connector if needed), and connect your device to the #3 port of the R3/RSW receiver.

In addition to its magnetic switch feature, the 2D is programmable using the Jeti Box and is also Duplex 2.4EX compatible, allowing audible alarms to be configured for low input voltage or high-temperature and allowing real-time feedback of input voltage and temperature, as well as output voltage selection, wirelessly from the Jeti Box.

Redundant inputs are provided for power-supply and the output features an MPX type socket, directly supporting the Duplex R12, R14, R18 receivers and all Duplex EPC receivers. The maximum burst output is 20A. The recommended input power is 5.5-8.4V, e.g. two-cell lithium polymer batteries or 5-6 nickel-based cells. You may also use 2-cell LiFe battery pack.

Screws and mounting-lugs are included to mount the device in your model as well as the magnetic key and face-plate. Decals are also included to allow the informative cover of the unit to be replicated on the outside of your model.

For best results, ensure that the all BECs are installed at least 2" (50mm) away from your receiver and antenna.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Jeti Voltage Regulator MAX BEC 2D 5-6V/20A  w/Magnetic Switch

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