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Just Want to Fly 1 DVD


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Just Want to Fly is our new high energy and most entertaining film yet!

- Travel to the Los Banos for Slope Soaring
- Visit Visalia Thermal Duration Soaring Contest
- Dynamic Soaring Held at Oregon's Windy Cape Blanco
- Alpine Soaring at top Site in the Swiss Alps
- Collection of Wild Soaring Footage every Pilot Appreciates

DVD Extras:
The short film Restless Sky, a collection of Paul's fascinating time-lapse sky video photography, is included on the DVD.

Just Want to Fly
Our new high energy film Just Want To Fly celebrates soaring just for the fun of it! This new DVD features a wide variety of fun and entertaining soaring action that all sailplane fans will enjoy. Just Want To Fly was edited especially for the DVD format and features high quality digital video and audio, fresh music, and interactive DVD menus.

Watch large scale planes alpine soar the Hahnenmoose Pass in the Swiss Alps, witness the extreme speed and destruction at the world's first Dynamic Soaring speed trials. You will also visit the popular 2002 Los Banos scale fly-in featuring a large selection of beautiful scale ships flying in terrific slope conditions.

Experience the Visalia thermal Duration contest with exclusive interviews with champions Joe Wurts and Skip Miller, TD flying action, and the wild night electric pylon race. A nice selection of extreme and wacky soaring including crashes and other flying rounds out this 75 minutes film.

The DVD also includes a bonus short film by Paul Naton titled Restless Sky which is a collection of amazing time lapse sky photography.

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