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Landing Gear Carbon Fiber F3A/Sweep 16 5/8" - 19 1/4" (420mm - 490mm)

Price: $98.00
Landing Gear Carbon FiberLanding Gear Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Landing Gear replaces or upgrades your existing aluminum or wire gear. Made from molded, woven carbon fiber cloth and fiberglass composite for lighter weight, greater strength, and flexibility. Our F3A gear are designed with a rearward sweep to fit the style preferred by many of todays F3A pilots. If you are looking for an straighter landing gear for your 2m pattern ship, check out our standard 2-piece 530mm gear.

This is a great way to reduce weight and add strength to your landing gear.

CF Landing Gear Application Weight A B C D W
Gear 19 1/4" (490mm) 9-11 lbs. (4085-4995g) 105g 30mm 160mm 200mm 490mm 30mm
Gear 16 5/8" (420mm) 2-Piece 8-11 lbs. (3635-4995g) 90g 30mm 90mm 200mm 420mm 30mm

Landing Gear Carbon Fiber

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