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Paraglider Pilot L Mike with Harness ARF

Price: $315.00
In Stock: 4

Pilot Mike is the latest addition to the family of Opale Paramodel pilots, reaching an unparalleled level of realism by combining many innovative new technologies.

Mike is a user-friendly, high quality pilot, and is the result of a year-long development partnership with experienced pilots and valued customers. In an effort to provide a higher level of quality controlled manufacturing, 80% of the parts are now manufactured in-house by Opale Paramodel. Thanks to its long list of possibilities, you are free to configure your pilot according to your needs.

Specifications and Features
  • First ever use of the arm motion optimization system.
  • Gain of 30% strength in the arms.
  • Realistic movement like a real paraglider pilots.
  • Added mechanical protection of the servos.
  • Precision never before achieved thanks to the use of 8 ball bearings.
  • Gain flight speed and optimize your flight paths using 2 speedbar servos and/or weight shift function.
  • Fast descent, using additional 2 servos to perform the ears (closures of the both ends of the wing).
  • Hyper-resistant and articulated legs thanks to the use of industrial strength materials.
  • Increase the performance by adding a leg cover and enhance scale appearance of the pilot.
  • Can be attached to the L2 Backpack in less than 30 seconds.
More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

(1) Pilot Mike w/Suit
(1) Pilot Harness (Green/Black/Yellow)
(1) Fiberglass Frame Parts
(1) Pilot Head (Unpainted)
(2) Boots (3D-Printed)
(1) Hardware Package

Suggested Equipment:
(2) Ditex EL 3214S servo (control lines)
(2) Ditex EL 2114S servo (optional speedbar)
(2) Ditex EL 2114S servo (optional ears/fast descend)
(1) Paraglider Scale Leg Cover for Pilot Mike, Lea

Paraglider Pilot L Mike with Harness ARF Paraglider Pilot L Mike with Harness ARF

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