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Paraglider Wing Hybrid 3/4m Aerobatic High Performance

Price: $489.00
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Part: OPL12116-DNRS
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Paraglider Wing Hybrid 3/4m Aerobatic High Performance

Following in the footsteps of the ultra successful Hybrid 1.8, the new Hybrid 3 is sure to be an instant favorite. Just like the 1.8, it features hybrid single and double surface construction for an easy to inflate, easy to launch wing. The aspect ratio has been increased to give you a better penetrating wing but it retains the stability that the Hybrid series is known for.

Due to Opale Paramodels latest generation, high-aspect profile, it offers high penetration and a high flying speed. For this reason, the wing is very easy to fly in strong turbulence and high wind conditions, without the fear normally associated with these types of conditions. The unbelievable glide rate present in the Hybrid 3 is equal to full scale, competition paragliders. This is a wing that will keep the expert thrilled but is still stable enough for the beginner.

Hybrid 3 is hybrid construction wing with an aspect ratio of 5.3.1, allowing for more speed. This paraglider must be actively controlled by the pilot, but does not require years of experience to enjoy.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Weight range : 3kg/5km/h, 4kg/10km/h, 5kg/15km/h, 6kg/25km/h
Wingspan : 157.5" (4000mm)
Wing area : 3 sg.m
Wing cells : 32
Aspect ratio : 5.3


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