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Paraglider Wing Power 2.7/3.67m Aerobatic High Performance

Price: $449.00
Coming Soon
Paraglider Wing Power 2.7/3.67m Aerobatic High Performance
Paraglider Wing Power 2.7/3.67m Aerobatic High Performance
Paraglider Wing Power 2.7/3.67m Aerobatic High Performance

You are looking for an accurate wing that reacts to the smallest input? This wing will exceed your expectations. After the huge success of its little sister the Power 1.1, our customers were eager to possess a bigger wing similar features to the Power 1.1/2.36m. As the Opale Paramodels team has always challenged itself to meet your expectations, we developed the Power 2.7/3.67m. Perfect for all outdoors para-modeling, this wing will excite beginners and expert pilots alike.

During the first soaring flights, facing a 35km/h wind and lightly ballasted, we were very surprised by the high efficiency of this wing. The wing cuts lines through the wind like a sushi chef cutting a Maki roll with his knife. Under power, in combination with a Backpack L and a Lucas Pilot, the wing did not flinch and the handling was just as precise.

The Power 2.7 made a big impression on us when we flew over canyons in the Southwestern US. With the strong and changing wind conditions we faced during these flights, we can say that the Power 2.7 was tested under the toughest conditions. These were truly unforgettable moments for the test pilots. And for those who think that we just scaled up the Power 1.1, rest assured that this wing was designed and developed, from the drawing board to the production model, with the same longing for perfection that guides all Opale development. The results of that single minded pursuit; simply astonishing.

Designed with the easy handling that you have come to expect from an Opale single skin wing, the Power 2.7 is naturally gifted when it comes to dancing with the wind.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Weight range : 3kg/5km/h, 5kg/10km/h, 7kg/15km/h, 8kg/25km/h (Flying Weight/Wind Speed)
Wingspan : 144.5" (3670mm)
Wing area : 2.7 sg.m
Wing cells : 27
Aspect ratio : 5


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