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Paraglider Wing Power RS 1.1/2.36m Aerobatic

Part: OPL12125

Price: $325.00
In Stock: 3
Paraglider Wing Power RS 1.1/2.36m Aerobatic

Ideal for indoor or outdoor flights, this little bombshell will delight beginner, intermediate, and experienced pilots alike. Thrill seekers seeking to achieve the wildest acrobatics tricks need look no further than the Power RS.

Thanks to its new profile and a reduction of 10% of the total length of the lines, it offers incredible rotational speed during helicopters (perpetual rotation in flat spin). With its specially optimized design for speed and solidity, the Power RS 1.1 gains altitude in record time. It offers great maneuverability and ease of piloting for a single-skin wing; being both tolerant to low loads in indoor flying conditions, and also heavy loads in outdoor flying conditions. The Power RS 1.1 can be loaded up to a record mass of 3.5kg, turning it into a real speed "weapon". Equipped with an overpowering 4S and 960W motor for acrobatic flight, the Power RS will take your aerobatics to the next level.

Opale Paramodels is proud to introduce the latest version of the Power 1.1, the all new Power RS. Virtually perfect, extremely elegant combination of modern design and technology.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Weight range : 0.8kg/5km/h, 1.4kg/10km/h, 1.8kg/15km/h, 2.2kg/20km/h (Flying Weight/Wind Speed)
Wingspan : 93" (2360mm)
Wing area : 1.1 sg.m
Wing cells : 23
Aspect ratio : 5.05


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