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Paraglider Wing Split 1.6/2.83m Aerobatic

Price: $425.00
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Paraglider Wing Split 1.6/2.83m Aerobatic
Paraglider Wing Split 1.6/2.83m Aerobatic
Paraglider Wing Split 1.6/2.83m Aerobatic

As a strong and experienced pioneer in Hybrid technology, the Opale Paramodels team has developed a versatile and reactive, yet easy and accessible wing. The new Opale-Paramodels Split 1.6 utilizes a midway separation between the leading edge and the trailing edge. The first 50% is double surface, naturally pressurized with the airspeed of the wing; and the remaining 50% is single surface, making it easy to launch.

The double surface leading edge provides better penetration into the air (low angles of attack), but it is also designed to generate higher internal pressure, offering the best ever passive security. The flight characteristics are simple and reassuring from the very first launch. At low settings the flight envelope is very fluid and progressive. By increasing the arm travel, the Split 1.6 becomes very agile and aerobatic.

The use of the Speedbar (accelerator) has also been optimized. With a usable range from 5cm to 7cm, we can get significant gains without having leading edge of the wing collapsing at higher flying speed.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Weight range : 1kg/5km/h, 1.5kg/10km/h, 2kg/15km/h, 2.5kg/25km/h (Flying Weight/Wind Speed)
Wingspan : 111.5" (2830mm)
Wing area : 1.6 sg.m
Wing cells : 25
Aspect ratio : 5


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