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Paramotor Trike XL & Ace 4.2/5.06m Wing Combo Package

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Paramotor Oxy 5/5.1m Combo Package

Paramotor Oxy 5/5.1m Combo Package

Opale extra-large, super scale wings are the undisputed kings of scale paramotors. When combined with the Trike XL, you will take off from the ground with little effort. Touch and go landings are within easy reach and add to the realistic presentation. Scale aerobatics are also possible and are made even more exciting by the size of this large wing. For the aerial photographer, this is a great platform for a camera and gimbal as the wing can support a very large weight range and is very stable. Once airborne, it takes very little power to remain there.

The Trike XL is designed for use with our 4-5m wings. At close to 1:2 scale, this is the largest paramotor trike available. It features a very scale tubular steel frame with an integrated prop ring and composite deck surface. Large rubber tires with inner tubes enable take offs and touch and go landings on rough surfaces. With a large payload capacity, you can easily fly with your pilot, AP or FPV system installed. This is the answer for the ultimate in scale realism for our largest 4-5m paramotor wings.

Virtually perfect, extremely elegant combination of modern design and technology. Steel Frame, Propeller Ring, (2) Two Servos, Scale Wheels, and Installation Hardware included with Trike XL Paramotor Kit.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual Wing (.pdf)
* Instruction Manual Trike XL (.pdf)
* Building Pictures and Details

Weight range : 5kg/5km/h, 7kg/10km/h, 10kg/15km/h, 12kg/20km/h (Flying Weight/Wind Speed)
Wingspan : 206.75" (5250mm)
Wing area : 5.2 sg.m
Wing cells : 30
Aspect ratio : 5.3

Suggested power : 2000W - 3000W (5000 - 7500 12S)
Max propeller size : 19" (480mm)
Recommended flying weight : 26 - 35 lbs. (12kg - 16kg)
Max flying weight : 48 1/2 lbs. (22kg)


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