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To reduce the chance of frustration, a new modeler should become involved with other modelers in order to learn the necessary skills. This may involve joining a local club and becoming acquainted with other, more experienced modelers. These modelers are a source of knowledge and experience that can be invaluable to the new modeler when he begins to build his first aircraft and also when he begins to learn to fly. The more experienced modeler often acts as an R/C flight instructor to teach a new person the skills required to fly the aircraft properly and to help avoid the inevitable crash.

New modelers must realize that a radio controlled model aircraft is not a toy. It is a true aircraft in that it flies and operates by the same principles as a full-scale aircraft with the difference being the size and weight. We want you to be a safe pilot, for yourself, your fellow club members, and the sport itself. Unsafe practices and procedures can result in serious injury. The average model will fly in a range of 15 to 150 mph and weigh 3 to 16 lbs. The force of the model hitting an object can be devastating especially if it hits a person. Models must be controlled properly both for enjoyment and for safety. The skills required to accomplish this must be learned from an experienced modeler. We are happy to provide all the assistance needed for you to get the most out of this hobby.

Limits of responsibility:
All products are sold under this warranty and disclaimer:

All items sold by Esprit Tech/Model, Inc. are intended for use in the Radio Controlled Model hobby and are for purely recreational use. We do not warranty any of our products for any commercial application, research use or any other non-hobby related activity. Any such warranty claims must be addressed directly to the manufacturer, not to Esprit Model, Inc.

The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her intended use and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith; this will include all items sold or distributed by Esprit Tech/Model.

The user is required to read all instruction manuals and follow the manufacturer guidelines. Esprit Tech/Model cannot accept responsibility for injury and/or crash damage or loss of kits, or accessories, parts and materials that occurs during the use of any radio-controlled model. Great care should be taken when using RC products. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us here:

We accept NO responsibility for crash damage. It is impossible to determine for certain whether crash damage was the result of a radio system failure or pilot error. We accept no responsibility for crash damage occurring during the use of a radio-controlled model. We accept no responsibility for improper installation of our products.

At this time, our system will not accept orders for items that are out of stock. While we make every attempt to maintain an accurate inventory, mistakes do occur.

If there is an inventory error, the item will be considered a backorder. We will not delay the rest of your order and we will ship the item as soon as it is back in stock. The shipping cost is charged only once per order. You may cancel your back order at any time.

Price/Photo changes:
All prices, pictures and descriptions for all of our products are subject to change without notice. Esprit Tech/Model maintains no responsibility for errors.

Technical assistance:
We at Esprit Tech/Model have a deep knowledge of the RC hobby. We would like to assure you that help is only a phone call away. We speak several languages so please do not hesitate to call.

We accept VISA and Master Card, PayPal, Checks or Money Orders.VISAMasterCardPayPal

If you need to email us your credit card details we suggest that you send your card number, expiration date and CVV2 code in at least two separate emails. Please be sure to include a phone number in your emails.

PayPal address:

Checks or Money Orders can be sent to:

Esprit Tech/Model
P.O. Box 360815
Melbourne, FL 32936 USA

Personal check orders will be held until the check clears.

low price guarantee

If you see an item we carry advertised on an Internet Web Site at a price that is lower than our posted price, just email us and indicate:

1.The web site address.
2.The name of the product.
3.Your address, or phone number.
4.Any additional products you need.

We will do our absolute best to match, or beat, the competitor price. Give us a call any time to discuss!
The items(s) must show as in-stock and ready to ship on the competitor web site.

We can special order a full range of replacement parts for most of our kits. Spare part special orders cannot be cancelled. Please consult us and choose carefully when you are ordering.

Call for prices and availability.

No time to assemble your new plane? Do you need to customize your plane? No problem, we offer building services for planes and helicopters purchased through Esprit Tech/Model!!!

Each project individually quoted.

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Just ask us for a Gift Certificate.

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