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Slot Cutting Instructions

Bellow you'll find some helpful information regarding how to cut the slots in our BB FG and CF Spinners.

1) Mount the Spinner backplate and Prop on your motor.

2) Hold the Spinner nosecone in the center position where it will end up. And make a mark on the prop where the spinner will be cut.

3) Remove the prop and make a jig out of regular paper, use the mark made in step 2 as a reference point.

4) Use the jig made in step 3 and copy the shape onto the Spinner nose cone.

5) Use a dremmel and cut away the piece you marked in step 4.

6) After about 1min of work it will look like this.

7) All done, a beautiful job. Don't forget, you can use this technique to make cuts for 2, 3 and 4 bladed props.

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