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Soaring Master Class 2 DVD


Price: $24.00
Soaring Master Class DVD
This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from some of the super stars of soaring.

- In The Air
- Hit Your Landing
- Light Air Techniques
- Contest Flying Live
- Finding Lift
- Time to Time
- Prepare for Pop-offs
- Cross Wind Launches
In this second DVD in the Masters Class series, the focus is on the nuances of thermal soaring, timing and landing. It is an actual soaring master class with several World Champions and Nationals winners at the very popular Southwest Classic held in Phoenix each February. The pilots and timers were equipped with microphones so you can hear everything they say during their flights, see and hear the communication between the pilot and his timer and learn that there is more than just reading the time on the stopwatch and conveying that information to the pilot.

The DVD starts off with four time F3B world Champion Daryl Perkins discussing launching techniques on a new model. Daryl demonstrates with the new Icon 2, but the techniques apply to any model that launches from a winch. Daryl touches on things like line tension, launching from different winches, types of lines, different flying fields and more. Proper set up is always the goal, and Daryl explains you can't reach 100%, but you need to strive for that. Launch camber, reflex, coupled flap and ailerons; all of these are taken into consideration when setting up for launch. Though not discussed in this chapter, you can learn a lot about how to properly zoom a model. Trust me, you can watch this video 10 times and learn something new each time.

All of the footage was shot live at the big Southwest Classic soaring competition in Arizona, and you get to tag along with the pilots as they fly each round of this tough contest. Pilot and caller are cominicating, so you hear and see what they are doing through out the flight. The pilots and callers describe what they are doing and talk about the techniques they are using to place high in the standings.

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Soaring Master Class DVD

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