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Paramotor Camo Hybrid 1.5/2.74m Combo Package

Paramotor Camo Hybrid 1.5/2.74m Combo PackageParamotor Camo Hybrid 1.5/2.74m Combo PackageParamotor Camo Hybrid 1.5/2.74m Combo PackageParamotor Camo Hybrid 1.5/2.74m Combo Package
This fast little bombshell is sure to please every pilot, from the beginner to the aerobatic fanatic. This single skin wing has the ability to penetrate that its competitors do not, allowing the Camo 1.5 to climb at an astonishing speed. This wing has a large operating envelop that allows the pilot to decide how he wants it to fly. Load it lightly and fly it indoor, ballast it up and fly 3S outdoor for a scale experience, or load it up on 4S and 800W (70A ESC) or more and have the most aerobatic paramotor experience ever offered.

Ben is your guy if you are looking for a pilot to fit the Backpack M3 and Camo 1.5 wing. Ben is a high-strength resin pilot figure that comes complete with two arms, pilot body, pilot suit, flying harness, and ballast set. The suit and harness feature the highest quality stitching and unparalleled realism and add a whole new dimension of detail to your scale experience. Batteries and ballast both fit inside of the harness and servos fit inside the Ben pilot body.

Backpack M3 is designed to fly the Camo 1.5 wings. It features an aluminum body designed to protect your flying equipment, pilot, harness, cameras or anything else that you choose to carry. The risers attach to a separate arm that bolts to the main frame for extra rigidity. The M3 features our unique anti-torque prop ring that is designed to eliminate propeller torque from the power system. Unique hold down tabs are also incorporated into the backpack to secure your pilot and harness while in flight.

Virtually perfect, extremely elegant combination of modern design and technology. First wing designed from ground up with fully adjustable speedbar.

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual Wing (.pdf)
* Instruction Manual Backpack M3 (.pdf)
* Instruction Manual Pilot Ben (.pdf)
* Building Pictures and Details

Weight range : 1kg/5km/h, 1.5kg/10km/h, 2kg/15km/h, 2.5kg/25km/h (Flying Weight/Wind Speed)
Wingspan : 108" (2740mm)
Wing area : 1.5 sg.m
Wing cells : 23
Aspect ratio : 5.1

Suggested power : 500W - 800W (3300 3S/4S)
Max propeller size : 10" (254mm)
Recommended flying weight : 5 - 5 1/2 lbs. (2250g - 2500g)
Max flying weight : 7 3/4 lbs. (3500g)

Paramotor Camo Hybrid 1.5/2.74m Combo Package