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Eagle Tree Video On-Screen Display (OSD)

List: $46.00
Price: $39.00
You Save: $7.00 (15 %)
In Stock: 1
The Eagle Tree OSD Expander provides a simple and easy way to display the data you need, in real time. When coupled with our E-Logger or Data Recorder products and accessories, a wide array of parameters can be displayed on your video screen. OSD system requires an NTSC, PAL or SECAM video camera with video output, a wireless video transmitter/receiver and/or a Digital Video Recorder.

A special feature of our software is the ability to set alarms on many of the parameters, which can be set to turn on the OSD only when that condition is met.

For example, you could set an alarm on the milliamp-hours drawn from your battery, and alert you by turning on the OSD and flashing the milliamp-hours used, when it is exceeded. Voltage, Altitude, and several other parameters can be set up with alarms in this way.

OSD Configuration:
Eagle Tree's drag and drop Configuration software makes it easy to configure the OSD to display what you want to see, when and where you want to see it. As few or as many parameters as you need. Our software lets you configure the OSD with up to 12 data parameters per screen. Also, the same parameter can be displayed on multiple screens. A spare servo channel can then switch between screens, or turn OFF the OSD entirely.

Displayed Parameters:
- GPS Parameters (Distance to Home, Home Arrow, GPS Altitude, Ground Speed)
- Electrical (Volts, Amperage, Rx Volts, Servo Current, Milliamp-Hours, Watts)
- Performance (Airspeed, Altitude, Variometer, Temp, RPM, G-Force, Jet ECU)
- Receiver (Dropped Frames/Fades/Packets w/Spektrum or JR Flight-Log compatible Rx)

More information (links):
* OSD Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Flash Video:


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